Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nothing Greater than Moving

By the end of the week we will have moved two blocks away. 
Here comes creative packing. We don't feel like we need to go all out packing since its two blocks away = )

Don't worry we will make sure to post more pictures of the new place. Stay tune!


  1. can't wait to see the new carpet. ;)

  2. ERIN!!! I hope that you find a way to read this since this is the only way I know how to respond to your comment you left on my blog! But I wanted to say thank you for stopping by!! I hope you update this blog so I can keep up with your life!! Yeah remember that time when I told you I was pregnant in Feb.... yeah I just had a really bad stomach flu and a false positive pregnancy test... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? And here we are 6 months later and 2.5 months pregnant. ahahah. Anyways please post pictures of your little man since it has been ages since I have seen him! Hope you guys are doing well! And I really hope you can see this message when I leave it hahaha.